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Who We Are?

Tee Chi Jiuan (CJ)

CJ has been in the field of Human Capital operations for more than 20 years.  Prior to HR consulting, CJ worked in Sidel as Zone Human Resources Director for South-East Asia Pacific region covering Malaysia, Japan, Korea, India, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia.   Some of the key projects lead by CJ in the region including Employee Engagement, Implementation of SAP-HR, Performance and Rewards Management, Talent Management and Succession Planning.  Prior to Sidel, her working experience includes in the Property and Investment Company, Consulting firm, Telco, Manufacturing and Trading Company.  CJ initiated, developed and implemented some of the key projects including Performance Management System, Performance Link Rewards System, HR SOP, Employee Satisfaction Survey and Competency Modelling for Finance Division.

In the field of consulting, some of the key projects CJ has previously worked are review, design and implement Human Resources systems and processes to enhance organization performance and effectiveness.  This includes Organizational and HR Strategy, Recruitment – Behavioural Profiling, Talent Management – Key People Retention and Succession Planning, Performance Management System, Rewards and Sales Incentive Scheme, HR SOP/Employee Handbook. 

Who We Are?

Chiah Nyuk Bee, Catherine

Catherine has been in the field of Human Capital Operations for over 15 years. She brings with her a broad and varied industry experience from property development and constructions, security, livestock farming, manufacturing and plantation, financial institutions to SMEs. 

Prior to HR consulting, Catherine was attached to a local Public Listed Company as Head of Group HR involved in designing and implementing HR strategies. She has been actively working in partnership with the Leadership and Management team members to provide insightful HR interventions. She drives HR initiatives such as job analysis and job grading, salary benchmark and benefits review to ensure the company’s compensation and benefits structure is at par with market competitiveness. Catherine builds HR capabilities and human resource systems by implementing HR SOP and internal audit procedure to ensure compliance to local laws and regulations.

Catherine’s attachment to large scale local conglomerates gave her the wide exposure of setting and training up local HR team in the Middle East, developed and launched the mobility policy for expatriates working in Indonesia, reviewed and managed Executive Remuneration Policy across the Group. She managed to transform HR from purely administrative function to business partnering with the buy in and support from various stakeholders. She enjoyed being a change agent and adopt open communication concept to engage employees to participate in the company initiatives.

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Ineffective job architecture poses challenges like role ambiguity, compensation inequity, limited career paths, recruitment difficulties, and subjective performance evaluations. A structured framework aligns organizational goals for success.

The Imperative
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Quality Result

We are inspired to be a strategic partner with business leaders in building high performing team to ensure sustainable growth.


Partnership with leadership and management team members to provide insightful HR interventions and drive HR initiatives to build HR capabilities and management system.

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